About Anime Boxing

Anime Boxing come together in a ruthless match to achieve the finest AI art on the internet! Artistically driven AI art. Inspired by famous shows like "One Punch Man", "Ayane's High Kick" and "Fighting Spirit". The purpose is to recreate original art inspired by anime or your own oideas and to get them commissioned here! We have years of traditional digial experience. Anthropromorphic or furry characters are welcomed here also! We will create custom made scenes based on concept art and real life locations and merge them together as AI original art! drawn ideas are welcomed and we can add AI technology to make a unique fighter as you want! We can create a vicious anthro chceetah female with muay thai gear on, or a seductive anime wrestler - its all up to you! We can make the style more cartoony or lean more towards realism. Browse our gallery to be inspired or just to enjoy the art. If you wish to seek a custom comission, please use our form below to request some mcustom AI art! Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Furry, Martial arts, female vs male fighting, grappling, mma